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Oh, Hello

June 8, 2018

Call it a re-boot.

It’s been a few years (12) since I started and finished (8) writing about Best Picture winners and eating somewhat themed meals.  Recently I signed up for TCM’s and Ball State’s Mad About the Musicals (sign up! it’s fun and very informative  online course and their first movie screened for the class was 1929/30s winner The Broadway Melody.  Now that choice made me wax nostalgic about my super-humble little blog I wrote during the previous decade.  I also was curious as to what we ate when watching this humdinger of a movie (NY Strip Steak and Egg Creams) so I came here after not being here for a while.  After a bit of cleaning up strange ads and the what-not,  I decided it would be fun to carry on with the Oscar pictures that have won since we stopped back in 2010.

So we’ve recently watched The Hurt Locker and dined on some mid-eastern cuisine and pop rocks cocktails.  More about that later…

Also, Broadway Melody is still painfully slow but very interesting to watch through the #meToo/#Time’sUp filter.