The Life of One Man and The World Entire

January 5, 2009


Amazing. Schindler’s List is the hardest Oscar winner to write about. It’s just a brilliant achievement in film. Nominated for twelve it won seven Oscars But without a doubt, Schindler’s List’s crowning achievement is in its reminding us that we must never forget what happened. Schindler’s List deserved every award it got in 1993 and then some. It’s hard to believe they gave the best supporting award to The Fugitive’s Tommy Lee Jones (a fine actor in a flimsy movie) over Ralph Fiennes’s evil personified Nazi Amon Goeth. But Ralph Fiennes always plays villains so very well (hell, he’s Lord Voldemort!) . They should have given an Oscar to Oskar: Liam Neeson is perfect as Oskar Schindler–he’s one of my favorite actors, ever. Sir Ben Kingsley is great as Itzhak Stern. All award winning, stellar performances. I cannot imagine this was an easy movie to shoot. It’s certainly not “easy” to watch either. It’s at turns frightening, horrifying, sad, frightening, haunting and in the end, through all of the horror and the tears, there’s a glimmer of hope, a glimmer of life. If you have never seen Schindler’s List, you must.

Jeez, I’m tearing up as I write this and I saw the movie almost a week ago.

For dinner we tried to merge some German and some Polish and some Jewish cuisines. We had a variety of pierogis from a somewhat local restaurant called Pierogi Place. Quite tasty. We also had some rather lame pastrami sandwiches on some really good pretzel bread. It’s also hard to eat while watching this movie; I can only imagine how slow the concession stands were when this was playing out in the theater. You can’t really munch on popcorn and jujubees while people are being slaughtered left and right.



  1. Nice post, perhaps next time you want to use “Lord” when commenting on “Voldemort” XD


  2. Good point, thanks!

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