The Sea Change

December 30, 2007

We haven’t officially watched Midnight Cowboy yet, we’re saving it for New Year’s Eve, the holiday for Midnights. But, I just had to take a little break and make a comment or two here about what’s about to happen to our little project. We’re growing up: Ahem, in other words, there could not be a deeper schism in Best Pictures than the one between 1968’s Oliver! and <gasp> 1969’s Midnight Cowboy. The first a boisterous Dickensian musical about the coincidences and possibilities of life, the other an X-rated <gasp> modern tale of marginalized life (and death) in a seamy society.

Hands down, using an unscientific applause-o-meter and a video gleaned from Youtube, the members of Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is incredibly proud (and rightly so) of it’s choice for Midnight Cowboy as a Best Picture.

So now were off to a more modern future: But, don’t fret, we’ll see long, boring epics again (Gandhi). Heck we even get one more black and white move (Schindler’s List) and there’s one more musical (Chicago) down the road waiting. But for now the 70’s and all that marvelous realism lurks. I can’t wait.

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