Tony Vs. Tony

June 10, 2007

Sigh. And just when we were doing so well. Two weeks in a row shot down the drain.
I’m just a sucker for awards shows andtoday’s the day for the *best* award show of all the award shows, the Tonys, and I’m not going to miss that, theater junkie that I am. One day, wouldn’t it be nice, for me, to watch all the Tony award winning shows, in order, with food that corresponds? That would be great! Let’s dream that impossible dream for a sec ‘kay? I could debate Music Man‘s win over West Side Story ad infinitum. I could use my Cimmaron recipes for Oklahoma! I could rail over the injustice done to Gypsy: Huh, Redhead? what the hell is that all about? Mary, Mary, wake up!

Okay. It’s also the last episode of “The Sopranos” ever, and Jim’s not going to miss that. Maybe one day he’ll want to watch all those episodes in order and eat Italian food. But that sounds boring. And fattening.

We’re going to try to slip Around the World in 80 Days in over the next two weeks (it’s a 2 disc dvd; scary) Just not today.

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