Milkshakes, Martinis, Margo Channing & Miss Marilyn Monroe

March 5, 2007


The hors d'oeuvres are here. Is there 
anything else I can do?


Thank you, Eve. I'd like a Martini 
-very dry.


I'll get it.

              (he crosses to Eve)

What'll you have?

Eve, involuntarily, looks to Margo.


A milkshake?

(Eve smiles, turns to Bill.)


A Martini. Very dry, please...  

There is a book about the making of All About Eve ( that I just ordered off of Amazon. As we all should) that calls the movie the bitchiest film ever. Ha! Is it ever. And All about Eve is one of the best Oscar winners ever, too. What a hoot. Fun acting: Bette Davis is marvelous as paranoid, aging Margo Channing. Anne Baxter oozes perfect unctuous evilness as Eve. A young Marilyn Monroe has a really small role in the film. It’s one of her first and she’s used perfectly and I think she knew it. But the velvet voiced, future panther, George Sanders is the best thing about this movie, period. Somehow, he steals the show from all these strong women, and how! My favorite, Celeste Holm is perfect as the understanding wife, friend character. And she gets her fair share of zingers in too. And this movie is chock full of zingers. Which I won’t repeat here because if you’ve never seen All About Eve ( ?!) stopping reading this entry right now, please, and go get it. Your nearby Blockbuster should have it (but I doubt it; they’re stupid bastards) or Hollywood Video should (ditto on the bastards thing) , Netflix does have it and maybe your local library . Just get it and watch it. You will not be sorry. End of lecture.


tidbits about Eve:

  • Claudette Colbert was supposed to play Margo, but she broke something whilst skiing and was replaced with Bette Davis, thank goodness. Ski bunny Claudette also had agreed to do It Happened One Night because they could make the film quick enough so that she could go Christmas skiing in Sun Valley. Interesting priorities.
  • Bette and her co-star Gary Merrill really fell in love and were married for 10 years after All About Eve. Ten years is a lot for Bette Davis. And most of Hollywood.
  • Both Anne Baxter and George Sanders were Batman Show villians. Baxter was Olga, Queen of the Cossacks and Sanders was the first Mr. Freeze.


  • Pedro Alodovar’s All About My Mother starts off as a wonderful nod to All About Eve and explodes from there. It’s a great movie. One of my recent favorites.

They also made a Broadway musical from this film called Applause. Lauren Bacall played Margo. They showed this on TV back when I was in 6th or 7th grade and I haven’t seen it since. But…..drum roll….Youtube, that magnificent time-waster, miraculously, has an Applause clip and it’s just great. Amazing that in 197o something they got this past the censors and/or the Republicans. Hmmm.

For dinner we went geographic and had a beautiful broiled New York Strip. Thanks, Jim.

Coat steak with some olive oil and a bit of Char Crust on both sides

place under a broiler for about six minutes per side (140 degrees for medium) let rest for about 4-5 minutes. Love me my steak tender.

Serve with steamed broccoli and sauteed portobello mushrooms. And some nice dinner rolls.

Dinner was served with a very nice Marilyn Merlot  

For dessert I attempted to make black and white side-by-side milkshake just like they do at Steak n’ Shake


I used vanilla and chocolate milk shake batter and poured them into the glass simultaneously and it somehow looked a tiny bit like the above picture (minus the whipped cream and cherry, dammit). But it was good. Although I wish now that I had used martini glasses. That would have been cool. Oh, well.  This was also my way of bidding adieu( for a bit) to the big stretch (1940-1950) of black and white films. Next week we’re Americans in Paris in glorious Technicolor. S’wonderful.

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