Marmaduke Was a Great Dane, Too

February 18, 2007

And also not that funny.

In today’s (February 17th 2007) Chicago Tribune the two resident film reviewers compared their opinions on the 5 worst Oscar mistakes. When I first saw the headline for the article I thought to myself “there’s no way they’re going to have have the cojones to list 1948’s Hamlet.” I was right and they were wrong, Hamlet is a big ole boring, dreary, pretentious mistake. (Although I do give them props for mentioning Broadway Melody and Greatest Show on Earth.) But, I guess it’s difficult (for some, not me!) to dis Shakespeare. Although Ethyl Barrymore did. She hated this version: she much preferred her brother John’s theatrical version. Can you guess who got to give out that year’s best picture statue? In the, yes, Karma is a bitch department, none other than Miss Ethel herself. Yikes. Well, I bet she, like me, would have preferred that 1948’s top prize would have been something more fun like Treasure of the Sierra Madre or more beautiful like The Red Shoes.

Ethel, this is my favorite version of Hamlet:

Some parts of Hamlet that I did like:

  • Eileen Herlie as Gertrude. Eileen Herlie is a fun actress. She’s played Myrtle on All My Children for a really really long time. She’s still there, too.
  • Stanley Holloway as the gravedigger. In just a few weeks we’ll be seeing him as Alfred Dolittle. Hurray! can’t wait.

Separated at birth:

sting2.jpg hamlet1.jpg

Take off! To prepare ourselves for the watching of Hamlet, we watched the Hamletesque, quasi-parody Strange Brew. It’s wonderfully stupid/funny. Canadians do the best tragedies. My favorite line: “I gotta take a leak so bad I can taste it.” I’m trying to work that line into my vernacular.

Hamlet, being the prince of Denmark led to a very delicious meal:

Danish Viking Ham made in my Viking oven

I tried to make the vegetable puree even though I was missing two of the more exotic ingredients: Jerusalem artichoke and salsify .

It was ok. A little went a long way. And it made a lot: the leftovers, had we lived near a lake, would have gotten a proper Viking funeral. I sauteed the pears and apple instead of making compote; i like carmelized fruit better than mushy fruit.

We drank Carlsburg and Bass beer with the ham. For dessert we had Danish Butter cookies that come in that great blue tin that I’m always reluctant to throw out. I know I can use it somewhere, but where?




  1. Ham…Yum!


  2. Awww…today (10/9/08) marks the passing of Eileen Herlie. She was 90. What dreams may come,Gertrude.

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