‘Tis the Season (to be bored)

January 23, 2007

Oscar noms are tomorrow morning @ 7:30-ish or so my time. Dork that I was, I used to love watching the nominations on CNN or E! I remember being so happy when Beauty and the Beast got a best picture nod. I remember my then 4 year old daughter chanting “Babe….Babe…Babe” in 1996 (I think she wanted Babe for *every* category).  Of late I’m not really excited about it at all: It’s all become so damn predictable.  Think Helen Mirren won’t get nominated? How about Meryl Streep? Those two gals live in surethingland. The last time I was truly surprised by a nomination was when Blame Canada got one for best song. Now there’s a great nomination.

Dork that I still am, I’ll be watching tomorrow. Probably a fruit smoothie for breakfast, with grapefruit juice and coffee. And my number one wish for a surprise nomination? Catherine O’Hara for For Your Consideration. Sigh, I’m prepared to be bored.



  1. Best nomination: Borat for Adapted Screenplay. Wasn’t that movie mostly improvised?

  2. Little Miss Sunshine, SAG awards, hmmmmm, interesting

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