Stranger in a Strange Land

January 8, 2007

This past Friday, because we were bored beyond recognition, my husband suggested we go to our local Hollywood Video to rent a dvd. Something we don’t do very often (Netflix is my DVD supplier of choice). When we got there I felt extremely lost. There were walls and walls of current releases and I hadn’t heard of probably 75% of them. I used to be so much more on top of things, current movie wise. I read Premiere Magazine and EW. I know about Snakes on a Plane: big hype, big flop. But what is Beer League? Or The Covenant Or The Last Kiss? And I could go on, but I hope you get my drift. It was also somewhat jarring seeing some of these DVDs already on the shelf: Weren’t Little Miss Sunshine and Black Dahlia just recently released to theaters like, a week ago? A lot of the DVDs choking up wall space were full seasons of TV shows (I just can’t imagine sitting down and watching a full season of a TV show, well, unless of course the show is, um, that delightful guilty pleasure of mine, Project Runway. Still can’t believe Santino didn’t win, but I digress). It was also a bit strange to not see any black and white films being offered up as current releases. The only movies that I’ve sat down and watched at home lately have been in black and white; for most of the 30’s, all of the 40’s and some of the 50’s the best picture winner was in black and white. Did you know that from 1939 until 1967 there were separate categories for b/w cinematography and color cinematography? My confusion at the video store and lack of current knowledge of recent movies could also be chalked up to the fact I’ve been giving these old wonderful movies a lot of forethought, regular thought and afterthought: What is there to be said about Casablanca that hasn’t been said before? And should we just have drinks for The Lost Weekend? No, penne w/a vodka sauce. And Bananas Foster. How about Silence of the Lambs? what should we eat when we watch that? Soylent Green?

I bet you’re wondering (or not) what movie we finally chose. Okay, maybe I’m using the word “we” a little lightly here.  Jackass Two. I don’t think I’m gonna need to think of a dinner to go along with this one once we reach 2006.

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