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Mister Christian, Oh The Time Has Come….

October 1, 2006

Well last week we Mutiny on the Bounty-ied. And I’ll tell you what, I really was not looking forward to this movie. Too long. Too Adventurous. Too many men with pony tales. But, I was wrong to dread; it was great! Quite an interesting story. And the DVD print we got of it was fantastic! I’ve read the Clark Gable didn’t want to do this movie (’cause he didn’t want to shave his moustache or wear breeches). Hey, Clark Gable you should’ve shaved it off more often. He looked great. Sort of a pre-George Clooney Clooneyesque look. To quote Rachael Ray “Yum-o.” Is it wrong to crush on some one who died before you were born? I don’t know. Good gossipy stuff in this movie too: Both Gable and Franchot Tone *did* Joan Crawford, although Gable got his milk for free, Franchot bought the cow. And Charles Laughton (who was great in an overacting kind of way) was married (although I think it was in name only, if you know what I mean) to the Bride of Frankestein, Elsa Lancester. And the actress who played Franchot Tone’s wife, Movita, was married to Brando–who played Christian in the 1962 very, very bad remake of MOTB. Wow, this is one wacky movie.

And the legend of the mutineers and Pitcairn Island lives on. There was a creepy documentary on the DVD about Pitcairn Island “today.” I think that “today” was 1935ish or so…here’s a better look.

There was also a great 30 second clip of Frank Capra giving Irving thalberg the Best Picture Oscar. Cool.
For dinner I pleased everyone, lots of oohs and ahhs over…..

Sweet & Sour Chicken in a Pineapple Shell.

This is a really easy recipe. It’s from a Reader’s Digest cookbook that my mom gave me when I got married in 1989. For the sauce mix together 4 teaspoons of ketchup, a tablespoon or so of soy sauce, some pineapple juice, minced garlic, a pinch of cayenne, 3 tablespoons of brown sugar and a teaspoon or so of frashly grated ginger.

Chop up one onion, slice two carrots and chop up one red (or yellow, or green) pepper. Saute in peanut oil for about 4-5 minutes. Add sauce and let simmer for about 8 minutes.

Cut up about a pound of skinless, boneless chicken breast into bite sized pieces. coat with egg white and then (and this is the worst part about this recipes; for some reason it gives me the willies) coat with corn starch. Saute chicken parts in peanut oil until golden brown. Add sauce and serve. Oh, make rice, too.
For this recipe I bought 2 pineapples that I hollowed out to use for dishes, everyone, including myself was really impressed with how this dinner looked. I wish I had take a picture. But if you look closely at what Mr. & Mrs. Kennedy are eating, it looked something like that.
jfk wedding

For dessert, I used the pineapple I hollowed out to make the best pineapple upside down cake I’ve ever made….thanks, Emeril,,FOOD_9936_31854,00.html

Oh, and I apologize for borrowing that Knight Ranger song. Sometimes, Roxane, we don’t always love the 80’s.