Out of Order Somewhat

September 16, 2006

We plowed through Cavalcade on a Friday night instead of Sunday. The kids didn’t watch, they should thank us later.
But, wow, Cavalcade is just amazing. Amazingly boring. And amazingly unwatchable. And an amazingly stupid film. How did this ever win? 42nd Street was nominated that year. And the Katharine Hepburn (sorry, George Cukor, but it’s Kate’s movie) version of Little Women. And Lady for a Day; a movie so good Frank Capra made twice (okay Pocket Full of Miracles, not so good, besides Peter Falk’s performance, but okay….miles better than this boring piece of blecccch, as they’d say in “Mad” Magazine.

Not even nominated: Dinner at Eight, Queen Christina, King Kong. Geez what were theses people smoking?
We didn’t do any recipes tonight. I was planning on doing some British stuff…something from Jamie Oliver or Nigella Lawson but life was a little bit too mean to us this week and I didn’t feel like cooking. We had fish and chips and salad and English beer from a local pub, though. Pretty good. Better than the movie deserved.
Next time is 1934 and our first real jewel in the crown of great American films that won the best picture Oscar, and one of the reasons I’m doing this whole razamatazz, It Happened One Night. And after looking at Cavalcade it’s hard to imagine that the Academy had such good taste. But, thankfully for us, they did.

Good night, Dad. I miss you. You would have gotten such a kick out of this.


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  1. Aw man I loved this film! Congrats on finishing…see you in a few years I guess…

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