You’re cellophane

September 3, 2006

A bazillion years ago my local PBS channel used to play the greatest of the silent movies. Chaplin. Keaton. Lloyd. And, sigh, Garbo. And I would watch them, strange kid, me. but I learned a lot from them, movie wise. Those silent movies are truly an important kick off to the America Cinema landscape. If you don’t have a passing knowledge of the silents, you’re at a critical disadvantage understanding the first 50 years of American film. I think.
But, I’m digressing. I love love luv Greta Garbo. The first twentyish years of quality story telling on film begin and end with Garbo. Oh my stars, she did Anna Karenina twice. Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina. And both of them are great. And tomorrow both of my kids are going to be exposed to the great Garbo for the first time.

And I also get to explain to them who Jean Hersholt was. And he’s incredibly Oscar worthy, too. In an separate awards kind of way.

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