I Vant To Be Alone….so I can vatch a lame avards show

August 26, 2006

The Emmys are on this Sunday, and one of us (me) is a real idiot about watching award shows (I also have a weakness for watching live TV) so we’re gonna have to wait until next week to watch Grand Hotel. Which is somewhat of a shame, because it’s the first Oscar winner that (I think) is a real gem. And I was looking forward to it, like it was Christmas. Although a big problem, food wise, is that it is set in Germany. More German food, meh. I don’t need another sausage fest (or do I? dirty) But,anyway, I will be attempting a pavlova for dessert. And hopefully pavlova is what we’ll have. So, danke schon, Greta for playing an aging ballerina.

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