Egg Creams Should Run For President

July 31, 2006

This is a seriously badly named dessert. There’s no eggs, no cream. Only deliciousness. And, oh my stars, it couldn’t be easier to make. Some chilled glasses, a little Fox’s U- Bet (and finding this in any place other than Brooklyn has gotta be the hardest part–thank you again, Fox & Obel’s). A little whole milk (thank you, Oberweis, thank you). And some seltzer (I don’t even remember why we have this seltzer bottle and chargers, but we, gloriously, do). And, voila. Creamy, rich and, as the astute redhead asserts, *zesty*

Unfortunately all the zestiness and deliciousocity (sic) was saved for this dessert. If I know anything, I know this stuff: I’ve seen tons of the backstage musical type movies, and I appreciate that Broadway Melody was the first. But, oy, yikes and hoky smokes, this one, Academy Award Winner no. 2, was a big ol’ boring stinker. There’s just *nothing* there. Although I did read that some of this was filmed in color. But, for us, there was no color, anywhere. Although, to be too generous, Eddie was slightly colorful, if talking outta the side of your mouth is colorful, then there’s your color. But, comma, sigh, Golddiggers of 33–so great it influences one of the best —Bonnie & Clyde, now there’s color. 42nd Street, so great they made it into an actual Broadway show. And even one that was revived. And, from before, I was wrong about Broadway Melody, they didn’t have the cool “Singin’ in the Rain” number from That’s Entertainment. Where’s that number from? Coulda helped here. And, sigh again, really, where was Busby Berekely when we really really needed him? Or Ruby Keeler? Dick Powell? Clever camera work? Anything? I needed me some “We’re in the Money” or clever dialogue. Or, I know, Warner Brothers.

(okay, truth be told, totally hearting WB right now; got the Pinky & the Brain DVD for the birthday present. Narf. Thanks all for a great BD) Love you so much.

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