All Talking! All Singing! Some Noshing!

July 29, 2006

Tomorrow’s movie number two, the big winner of 1929 (or 1928/1929 as they did it that way back then). Should be a hoot, as we really like musicals around here. And its an Arthur Freed MGM musical, Broadway Melody. I’ve never seen it before, although I have seen parts of it in That’s Entertainment!. I think this is the movie where Frank Sinatra called the chorus girls overweight.

Broadway Melody

Since this movie is set in the great city of, so nice they named it twice, New York, New York. I’m using <tada> NYC as my inspiration for the menu. The menu so far consists of New York strip steaks, mashed potatoes with frizzled leeks (from the Union Square Cafe cookbook). And because it’s my birthday tomorrow, too, two desserts–NY Cheesecake (from, again, my favorite, Trader Joe’s). And then actual real authentic genuine bona fide Egg Creams. I think.

Fox's u betAnd let me tell you it wasn’t easy finding the Fox’s U-Bet Chocolate syrup that the egg cream purists say you need. But I did. Find it. It took many phone calls to distant grocery stores along the north shore and even blowing a call into the H. Fox & Co. in Brooklyn, and then finally a gem of a grocery store along the lakefront in Chicago, Fox and Obel’s (Trader Joe’s look out) had it. And the kosher version, too. Now, I’ve never had an egg cream, let alone made one before, and I gotta tell you this internet thing is a great place to find info on these little suckers. I went here first: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Egg_cream. And then I scrolled down and clicked on the off the broiler link. It’s an amazing discussion about a beverage.


  1. Hey Mom!

    I just wanted to comment on your blog. It’s really great, and the idea of watching all of the Best Picture winners in order is an awesome idea! So far, it’s been a lot of fun. I always love watching movies with you because not only do I get to see movies I’ve never even heard of before and get to spend time with you, but you know so much about film; I always learn something new. You’re probably the smartest person I know, and I might not show it as much as I should, but I really look up to you and appreciate all you’ve done. I can’t wait for tonight, and all the sundays after that. (Though I’m not as pathetic as you claim XD…nor do I have three n’s in my name).

    Happy Birthday!
    ~Roxane (with one n) ; )

  2. I know you don’t have three n’s in your name. I was 1) protecting your online anonymity and 2) since everyone else everywhere we go spells your name with 2 n’s I thought why not 3? and 3) there should be a third reason but there’s not.

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