Wonderful Wings

July 25, 2006

A great time was held by all, William Wellman and cast put on a great show and the pasta and chicken wings (and chocolate cake!) were a hit as well. Some points we wanna remember on the film:

  • Charles “Buddy” Rogers has beautiful eyes.
  • Hard to believe this was the only Best Picture Gary Cooper was in, and he was barely in it.
  • If a tree falls in a silent movie, does anyone hear it?
  • Don’t get me started on High Noon and 1952. Grrrrr, I hate the circus movie.
  • The cinematography was astonishing. Like it was another character.
  • My kids watched a 2 hour + silent movie. And liked it.
  • One of them *cough* Roxannne *cough* actually cried. Pathetic*
  • Poor Mary

*pathetic = just like me (and how) but minus the slick story I’ll most likely try to get away with. Okay. i’m gonna cry at some of these, too. –Not 1952 though, no effin way. Clowns, ugh.— But I know how to blame the crying on *allergies.* She’s young, she doesn’t know how to deflect. She’ll learn. By the time were two-thirds done with Terms of Endearment she’s gonna have the worse case of hay fever and pollen and mold ever recorded in North America. Chip off the old block.

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